The Angel of Comte de Saint Germain
by Dan Brown

The Angel of Comte de Saint GermainDan Brown

"A shocking masterpiece! *****"
The Washington Post

John Jones, a doctor, is found murdered in Marseille and Dan Presley, a novelist is asked to supply expert information to the Marseille police. Soon Dan finds himself involved with a beautiful pædiatric nurse called Zoe, meetings in Vatican City with the highly-secretive group The Elders of Zion and a dramatic showdown with The Templi Resurgentes Equites Synarchici after a chase across across the wastelands of Siberia. When the fate of the world is at stake, The Templi Resurgentes Equites Synarchici won't let anything stand in their way. Can Dan stop them in time?

"A fascinating novel! *****"
The Washington Post

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Update (Dec 2007): I'm told that I've been mentioned in Time Out.