PHP4 vs PHP5 [was Re: Extending the mysqli class]

Michael Fesser wrote: My scripts make use of many of the new OOP features in PHP 5, so they won’t run at all on PHP 4. Ditto. My current big pet project is This is PHP 5+ only and supports MySQL 5+ and PostgreSQL 8+. Although I do realise that earlier versions of these […]

Re: target new window = good or bad?

idiotprogrammer wrote: I find this to be bothersome and contrary to current web trends. But I can find no articles or recommendations to back me up here. Windows User Experience team, Microsoft Windows User Experience Frequently Asked Questions: Why is the taskbar at the bottom of the screen?, March 2001 Research shows that most users […]

Re: A treatise on how religious Atheism is

TomP wrote: [Atheists] do not believe in the existence of a soul. Although most Buddhists do not believe in any gods, and can therefore be described as atheists, they most certainly do believe in the concept of a soul — indeed, a soul that can continue to exist after death. You do not believe in […]

Re: Views on XHTML 1.1 site

David Dorward wrote: Jukka K. Korpela wrote: But the W3C makes a big noise about it! See main page right now. They have created a working draft for XHTML 1.1 Second Edition. Which says that XHTML 1.1 SHOULD be served as text/html… and references a document which says it SHOULD NOT be served as […]

Re: Is there an Evolutionist in the house ???!

Dave in Lake Villa wrote: Could someone please tell me how Evolutionists/Atheists respond to these please ? Thanks. 1. Nothing produced something which then exploded its matter and out of that came personality, abstract thoughts, rationale, intuition, love, hate, discernment and even believe in a personal Creator. You appear to be asking about the Big […]

Re: Random Map Generation wrote: My first prototype for doing this doesn’t give good results, the map being far too random, can someone help me out or point me to a good resource please? Real geography is not random. First, take a grid, say 1001×1001 is size. Now find the middle square of it and set it to […]

Re: Parsing Question…

cjl wrote: Short of writing a parser, which is clearly beyond me, what are some reasonable approaches to handling user input that will be executed? Writing a parser is the best option in the long-run. If you were to attempt to interpret the user input some other way, like pure regular expressions, then you would […]

Nationalities, Countries, Languages, Cultures, Ethnicity and The Web

user wrote: Anyone have a full list of Nationalities? Eg: Germans, French, British, Malaysian, etc etc A lot of people within Britain might not consider themselves British, but rather English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, or perhaps even Cornish. Think also of Kosovo, Quebec and Tibet. People can be quite emotive about such issues. (The list from […]