What is this page?

A Now Page is a quick at-a-glance summary of what I’ve been doing recently.

The idea is to give you more of a bird’s-eye-view than you’d get from status updates and blog posts.

Last updated

Last significant update was 20 Mar 2024.

Home & Family

  • Living in Darlington, England.
  • In the process of moving house.
  • With my girlfriend, my cat, and occasionally two small humans.
  • My dad died, 2 Aug 2023.


  • Senior Software Engineer (Backend, Perl) at Giacom.


  • Planning on getting back to learning Toki Pona.


  • Terrible. I need to start exercising again.


  • 11/05/2024 06:48
    Photos of the northern lights (aurora borealis) from my back garden. They're not normally visible in England, but apparently there was a solar flare yesterday.
  • 24/03/2024 11:31
    Officially 16,000 days old today!
  • 12/09/2023 18:19
    Why does Seann William Scott have three first names?
  • 10/09/2023 18:29
    Fun fact: if you make a molotov cocktail with petrol instead of ethanol, the correct term is a molotov mocktail.
  • 20/08/2023 22:03
    I very much do not recommend the Mel Gibson #film "Dragged Across Concrete". In fact, I would probably recommend actually being dragged across concrete rather than watching this film.


See book reviews for things I’ve recently read.


Films I’ve enjoyed recently:

  • Wish
  • Barbie
  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse


TV series I’m watching:

  • The Wire (season 2)
  • The Ghost & Molly McGee (season 2)
  • Hailey’s On It (season 1)
  • The End of the F×××ing World (season 1)

Recently finished:

  • Tangled: The Series


Games I’m part way through:

  • Elder Scrolls V

Games I’ve played recently:

  • Life is Strange: True Colours
  • Life is Strange 2
  • The Last of Us


Haven’t listened to any recently.


I don’t seem to have much time to listen to music lately. 🙁

Open Source

No time recently. Need to update Type::Tiny soon.