What is this page?

A Now Page is a quick at-a-glance summary of what I’ve been doing recently.

The idea is to give you more of a bird’s-eye-view than you’d get from status updates and blog posts.

Last updated

Last significant update was 20 Mar 2024.

Home & Family

  • Living in Darlington, England.
  • In the process of moving house.
  • With my girlfriend, my cat, and occasionally two small humans.
  • My dad died, 2 Aug 2023.


  • Senior Software Engineer (Backend, Perl) at Giacom.


  • Planning on getting back to learning Toki Pona.


  • Terrible. I need to start exercising again.


  • 05/07/2024 20:03
    This is the winningest #Bingo card I've seen today: #ukelection #ukelections #ukelection2024 #toriesout
  • 05/07/2024 06:43
    #KeirStarmer: "We can look forward again, walk into the morning. The sunlight of hope, pale at first, but getting stronger through the day, shining once again on a country with the opportunity, after 14 years, to get its future back."This speech reminds me of something... #ukelection #ukelections #ukelection2024 #toriesout
  • 05/07/2024 06:15
    I like how the #GreenParty said right at the start that they were going to concentrate on Brighton Pavilion, Bristol Central, Waveney Valley and North Herefordshire.And the polls predicted that they'd win maybe one or two seats.And the party said, no, our own polls are more accurate. We'll win them.And the media predicted that they'd […]
  • 05/07/2024 05:47
    @BBC Actually, fourth.#election #ukelection #ukelections #ukelection2024 #toriesout #greenparty
  • 05/07/2024 05:43
    Accord to Sky News, Liz Truss is "looking well dodge".#election #ukelection #ukelections #ukelection2024 #toriesout


See book reviews for things I’ve recently read.


Films I’ve enjoyed recently:

  • Wish
  • Barbie
  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse


TV series I’m watching:

  • The Wire (season 2)
  • The Ghost & Molly McGee (season 2)
  • Hailey’s On It (season 1)
  • The End of the F×××ing World (season 1)

Recently finished:

  • Tangled: The Series


Games I’m part way through:

  • Elder Scrolls V

Games I’ve played recently:

  • Life is Strange: True Colours
  • Life is Strange 2
  • The Last of Us


Haven’t listened to any recently.


I don’t seem to have much time to listen to music lately. 🙁

Open Source

No time recently. Need to update Type::Tiny soon.