Toby Inkster

Programmer, Web Developer

Perl, PHP, Javascript, SQL, Rust, WordPress, XML, JSON, RDF, SPARQL.

Toby Ink Ltd

I work for various clients via my company Toby Ink Ltd.

Registered Company No 12533297.

Request a quote: email me at or use the contact form to request a quote for work.

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Curriculum Vitae

My most recent CV/résumé can be found here. It was last updated in February 2023.

Full Stack Web Development

Frontend web development:
HTML CSS Javascript

Backend web development:
Perl PHP

Server technologies:
Linux Apache

MySQL PostgreSQL

WordPress jQuery Bootstrap Roots Sage

Former invited expert to several World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) groups, including the RDFa Working Group, HTML5 Working Group, and Social Web Incubator Group.

Good working knowledge of accessibility techniques, usability principles, and responsive layouts for mobile devices and tablets.


Experienced Perl programmer (almost 20 years) and author of over 250 distributions on the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN); invited to the Perl RDF Hackathon (London, UK, 2011) and the Moving to Moose Hackathon (Stavanger, Norway, 2012); speaker at the London Perl Workshop (London, UK, 2014).

Expert at object-oriented Perl — author of Type::Tiny, a toolkit used directly or indirectly by over 2000 other CPAN distributions and in the top 30 most upvoted CPAN distributions of all time. Author of Moops, a toolkit in the top 100 most upvoted; contributor to Moo, a toolkit in the top five.

Proponent of test-driven development.

Experienced PHP programmer (almost 20 years) with good knowledge of the internals of WordPress.

At least some familiarity with many programming languages.
Perl PHP Javascript Rust Python Ruby Java Raku C C++ VisualBasic Lua Haskell Prolog Shell Intel Assembly KiXtart

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Data Processing

Specialist at data manipulation, deduplication, and synchronization. Extract, transform, and load (ETL). Good understanding of aggregation and analysis of data. Use of cron, APIs, and scripting to keep databases synchronized. Make your customer relationship management (CRM) database talk to your accounts database or your website. Integrate data from multiple sources.

In-depth knowledge of traditional relational database management systems.
PostgreSQL MySQL/MariaDB SQLite Microsoft SQL Server

Expert in semantic web / linked data technologies.

Experienced designing and using web-based APIs.

Knowledge of structured data formats.

Server Administration

More than 20 years experience running Linux, including on desktop, server, and VPS.
Ubuntu Debian Redhat Fedora

Extensive experience installing, configuring, and maintaining common Linux/Unix server software.
Apache MySQL/MariaDB PostgreSQL Postfix Dovecot

Some experience with common Windows server software.
Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Exchange IIS

Extensive experience using command-line software.
bash csh ssh rsync

Comfortable with several source code version control tools.
git hg svn