Toby Ink Ltd

I work for various clients via my company Toby Ink Ltd.

Registered Company No 12533297.

What does he do?

  • Extract, reprocess, cleanse and reformat big data.
  • Make websites and databases talk to each other.
  • Integrate data from multiple sources.
  • Develop web APIs for data access and manipulation.
  • Advise how to make your data available as Open Linked Data.
  • Any general programming tasks, including ETL and web development.
  • Lately, lots of WordPress. Themes, plugins, configuration, and other customizations.

What skills does he possess?

  • Development in Perl, PHP, Javascript and other programming languages.
  • Understanding of RDF, SPARQL, OWL, SKOS and other semantic web technologies.
  • Expert knowledge of SQL (including Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL).
  • Experience processing XML, JSON, CSV and other formats like that.
  • Linux server admin experience; suppressed memories of Microsoft Windows too.
  • Good all round experience in HTTP, HTML, CSS, and other web technologies.

Why hire him?

  • He has a degree in this kind of stuff.
  • Over fifteen years experience munging big databases.
  • Invited expert on several W3C groups.
  • He is available.
  • He doesn’t waste his money on expensive marketing. (Clearly!) So those savings can be passed on to you.
  • He writes things about himself in the third person… lots apparently.

If you’ve got an issue with your website, your customer relationship management (CRM) database, your sales system, or even if they’re all working fine independently but you need them to get smarter at talking to each other, then that’s just the sort of thing I do.

Email me at enquiries@toby.ink to request a quote for work.