For a while, I’ve been using a great little Java-based GUI SQL client called dbVisualizer. It’s a nifty little database management tool that — here’s the good part — supports virtually every database backend under the sun. I use it to manage PostgreSQL and MySQL databases at home and PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server at […]


I’m currently in the process of extending demiblog’s database support. Version 0.1.0 only supports PostgreSQL, but I plan on also supporting MySQL in the next release, and a few other databases further down the line. Because this cross-database support had always been planned, I’ve been very careful in writing my SQL to make sure that […]

How PHP programmers get things wrong

Firstly, three disclaimers: PHP is a great programming language, one of my favourites — this website is written in PHP; there are many great PHP programmers out there, some of whom probably never get things wrong; I probably get things wrong a lot of the time. The majority of the database-backed Open Source PHP projects […]

Re: is PHP less secure than Perl, Python, or Ruby?

walterbyrd wrote: I honestly don’t know. But, I have seen articles and posts about how PHP is terribly insecure. PHP is not inherently insecure, but because it’s very easy to write PHP, it has become rather a popular language amongst people with little, if any, formal training on how to program. Because of this, there […]