Mike the Knight’s Dad

In Mike the Knight, Mike’s father, the King, is often referenced but never seen. He is off fighting in some crusades or something.
If they ever do introduce him for a Christmas special or somesuch, then I do so hope they manage to get Brian Blessed to voice him.

Dave Lamb narrates Waybuloo

I must have missed this. Back in January CBeebies apparently changed the format of Waybuloo to include a voiceover from Dave Lamb (of Big Barn Farm). It was so unpopular that the format was changed back the next day – easy to miss then!
The single episode which was broadcast can now be found on YouTube…

Mini-Beasts on “It’s Our Planet”

I learnt today on It’s Our Planet that animals without a backbone are called “mini-beasts”. And here I was calling them invertebrates!
So the 14 metre long Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni (a.k.a. the colossal squid) is a “mini-beast”. You learn something new every day.

We want more Woolly & Tig

I am a big fan of Woolly & Tig. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a five minute show that works on a very simple formula:

The narrator (a slightly older Tig, looking back to when she was younger) explains “when I was very little…” and introduces something interesting she did.
Young Tig gets angry, anxious […]

New ZingZillas started on Monday

There’s a new series of ZingZillas started on Monday, and it uses the same shortened episode format as series 3.
The first couple of series of ZingZillas were more than tolerable. The 22-minute episodes followed the formula of:

ZingZillas do some stuff.
Coconut clock strikes one.
ZingZillas try writing a song, but need more inspiration.
Coconut clock strikes two.
ZingZillas get […]