Woolly & Tig Series 2

Series 2 started yesterday. CBeebies seem to have kept that quiet.
They also stopped repeating episodes 1-15 of Old Jack’s Boat, and have started with episodes 16-25.

Digital Switchover

Digital switchover has now finished where I live. TV reception was pretty dicey while it was going on, but now it’s better than ever. And normal service resumes…

Poi in State of Play

I’ve recently been rewatching the wonderful BBC TV serial State of Play.
I was surprised that Poi Fan Lee of Show Me, Show Me and Teletubbies fame has a small part in it, in a couple of episodes. She’s quite good.

Mike the Knight Voices

I recently discovered Jessica Hann’s website – she does the voice of Mike the Knight’s sister Evie (who is, incidentally my favourite Mike the Knight character). And from her website I found out who did the dragons’ voices – each of which had been bugging me for a while as being semi-familiar.
Sparky is played by […]