Re: target new window = good or bad?

idiotprogrammer wrote: I find this to be bothersome and contrary to current web trends. But I can find no articles or recommendations to back me up here. Windows User Experience team, Microsoft Windows User Experience Frequently Asked Questions: Why is the taskbar at the bottom of the screen?, March 2001 Research shows that most users … Continued

Re: Views on XHTML 1.1 site

David Dorward wrote: Jukka K. Korpela wrote: But the W3C makes a big noise about it! See main page right now. They have created a working draft for XHTML 1.1 Second Edition. Which says that XHTML 1.1 SHOULD be served as text/html… and references a document which says it SHOULD NOT be served as … Continued

Re: Is there an Evolutionist in the house ???!

Dave in Lake Villa wrote: Could someone please tell me how Evolutionists/Atheists respond to these please ? Thanks. 1. Nothing produced something which then exploded its matter and out of that came personality, abstract thoughts, rationale, intuition, love, hate, discernment and even believe in a personal Creator. You appear to be asking about the Big … Continued

Re: Random Map Generation wrote: My first prototype for doing this doesn’t give good results, the map being far too random, can someone help me out or point me to a good resource please? Real geography is not random. First, take a grid, say 1001×1001 is size. Now find the middle square of it and set it to … Continued

Re: Parsing Question…

cjl wrote: Short of writing a parser, which is clearly beyond me, what are some reasonable approaches to handling user input that will be executed? Writing a parser is the best option in the long-run. If you were to attempt to interpret the user input some other way, like pure regular expressions, then you would … Continued