Here's my latest update to

Change Log

  • Added a title to the output image, which can be in a different font and colour from the rest of the text.
  • Use Getopt to parse command line, and accept more options.
  • Improved handling of certain dodgy WMV files, mostly thanks to Matt Pinkham.
  • Improved use of FFMPEG
  • Code straightened out to use functions -- it used to be one big long mess.
  • Added a help function -- just run the program with the --help paramater.


  • Perl Getopt::ArgvFile
  • Perl Getopt::Long ≥ 2.33
  • Perl Pod::Usage;
  • mplayer
  • ImageMagick


  • Perl File::chdir
  • Perl File::Spec
  • Perl Cwd

All of the Perl modules can be found in CPAN, here is the FFMPEG site and here is mplayer. And don't forget ImageMagick.