Opera 9.2

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It seems that a couple of days ago Opera 9.2 was released. That one passed me by — I must start reading the opera.* newsgroups again.

The big new change is Speed Dial giving you even faster access to your nine favourite websites and one favourite search engine when you open a new (blank) tab. This is somewhat a replacement for the crappy old “Start Bar”. Also, you get Ctrl + 0 to 9 as hotkeys for the Speed Dial entries. Personally, I have found that Speed Dial slows things down a little, so I’ve turned it off. But if I had a faster computer (and I will soon, when my two new Intel 5060 Dual-Core Xeon processors get delivered) then I’d probably use it. Luckily, as with most things in Opera, there’s a way to turn it off.

The screenshots-in-tooltips have improved somewhat and there are numerous security and bug fixes, including the annoying problem where the typed URL “foobar:1234” would be interpreted as “connect to server ‘1234’ using protocol ‘foobar'” instead of “connect to server ‘foobar’ on port ‘1234’ using protocol ‘HTTP'”.

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