Typography Links

Most of the really pleasant web designs I see seem to display more than a little evidence of classical typographic knowledge. Here’s my collection of typography-related resources, including links to some classic (and some common) fonts. Tips and Tricks Mark Boulton: Five Simple Steps to Better Typography Richard Rutter & Mark Boulton: Web Typography Sucks Particular Characters Mark Boulton: The Right Glyph for the Job (ellipsis, quotes, ligatures) Mark Boulton: Dashes A List Apart: The Trouble with EM ‘n EN (dashes, hyphens, spaces, quotes, primes, ellipsis) Jukka Korpela: Dashes and Hyphens Jukka Korpela: Unicode Spaces Jukka Korpela: The Euro Sign in HTML Jukka Korpela: Characters in SI Notations Wikipedia: Asterisk Wikipedia: Asterism Wikipedia: Dagger Wikipedia: Guillemets Wikipedia: Pilcrow Wikipedia: Prime Wikipedia: Section Sign Wikipedia: Tilde Fonts Code Style: Font Sampler Buzzword.org.uk: Common Fonts Sans Serif / Gothic Grotesque Wikipedia: Franklin Gothic Wikipedia: Geneva Wikipedia: Haettenschweiler Wikipedia: Helvetica Wikipedia: Impact Wikipedia: Univers Geometric Wikipedia: Century Gothic Wikipedia: Futura Humanist Wikipedia: Frutiger Wikipedia: Gill Sans Wikipedia: Lucida Grande Wikipedia: Myriad Wikipedia: Optima Wikipedia: Tahoma Wikipedia: Trebuchet MS Wikipedia: Verdana Serif Old Style Wikipedia: Aldus Wikipedia: Caslon Wikipedia: Garamond Wikipedia: Hoefler Text Wikipedia: Palatino Wikipedia: Trajan Transitional Wikipedia: Baskerville Wikipedia: Berhard Modern Wikipedia: Bookman Wikipedia: Georgia Wikipedia: Mrs Eaves Wikipedia: Times Roman Modern Wikipedia: Bodoni Wikipedia: Century Schoolbook Wikipedia: Didot Slab Serif Wikipedia: Courier Wikipedia: Rockwell Script Casual Wikipedia: Brush Script Wikipedia: Comic Sans MS Wikipedia: Dom Casual Wikipedia: Mistral Caligraphic Adobe: ITC Zapf Chancery Wikipedia: Kuenstler Script Wikipedia: Zapfino Black Letter Wikipedia: Fette Fraktur *** I won’t give any links to grid-based layout information because I just don’t think grid-based layout gels well with web design — it doesn’t work with liquid layouts and resizable fonts.