Parsing an HTML Table with PEAR’s XML_HTMLSax3

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Here’s an example of how to parse an HTML table into an array using the PEAR module XML_HTMLSax3. It supports the



elements and the rowspan and colspan attributes.

It’s worth noting that this code will raise a bunch of notices if you run it displaying all errors. This is pretty difficult to avoid, so if you don’t like that, disable the display of notices.

* @author Toby Inkster
* @copyright Copyright (C) 2007 Toby Inkster
* @license GNU General Public Licence

* Parser class.
* You probably only need to directly access the “Go” method.
class TableParser
private $currow = -1;
private $curcol = -1;

private $shape = array();
private $data = array();

public function openHandler ($parser, $tag, $attrs)
$tag = strtolower($tag);

// Move to the correct cell co-ordinates.
if ($tag==’tr’)
$this->curcol = -1;
elseif ($tag==’td’||$tag==’th’)

// This should account for rowspan and colspan.
while ($this->shape[$this->currow][$this->curcol])
$rowspan = 1;
$colspan = 1;
foreach ($attrs as $k=>$v)
$k = strtolower($k);
if ($k==’rowspan’)
elseif ($k==’colspan’)
for ($i=0; $i<$rowspan; $i++) for ($j=0; $j<$colspan; $j++) { $x = $this->currow + $i;
$y = $this->curcol + $j;
if ($this->shape[$x][$y])
$this->shape[$x][$y] = TRUE;

public function closeHandler ($parser, $tag)

public function dataHandler ($parser, $data)
$this->data[$this->currow][$this->curcol] .= $data;

public function getData ()
foreach ($this->data as $k=>$v)
return $this->data;

public static function Go ($table_html)
require_once ‘XML/HTMLSax3.php’;
$sax = new XML_HTMLSax3;
$hdlr = new TableParser;
$sax->set_element_handler(‘openHandler’, ‘closeHandler’);
return $hdlr->getData();


$table = ‘

Test table lalala 123 456
789 ABC
123 456



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