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Here’s my latest update to dhyana.pl…

Change Log

Added a title to the output image, which can be in a different font and colour from the rest of the text.
Use Getopt to parse command line, and accept more options.
Improved handling of certain dodgy WMV files, mostly thanks to Matt Pinkham.
Improved use of FFMPEG
Code straightened out to use functions — it used to be one big long mess.
Added a help function — just run the program with the –help paramater.


Perl Getopt::ArgvFile
Perl Getopt::Long ≥ 2.33
Perl Pod::Usage;


Perl File::chdir
Perl File::Spec
Perl Cwd

All of the Perl modules can be found in CPAN, here is the FFMPEG site and here is mplayer. And don’t forget ImageMagick.


Perl script
Source code