Twenty Days

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Lewes, East Sussex, 6 April 2008

Herstmonceux, East Sussex, 26 April 2008

Source Photos

Here are the source photos in their full ten megapixel glory. Feel free to re-use them for non-commercial purposes, but please give me credit.

Lewes castle — the castle keep in the snow
Roof tops — the snow-covered roof tops of Lewes
Trees and roof tops — more roof tops, some trees and the paddock
Paddock — view of the paddock through the trees
Mr d’Silva — our cat on the roof of the shed in the garden next door
Herstmonceux Castle — view across the moat
Water fall — water fall on the grounds of the castle
Tree — gnarled tree on the castle grounds
Sun dial — sun dial in the castle gardens, installed for the 300th anniversary of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich which has ties with the castle
Tulip — a tulip in the gardens