May Day

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Today is May Day and also election day in London. Recent polls have shown alarmingly high support for Boris Johnson (or Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson to use his full name — yes, really!). Much as I enjoy Johnson’s antics on Have I Got News For You, I ask how someone who could barely be trusted to competently run a bath, could soon be running a city?

And not just any city, but one of the world’s major financial hubs. London, although just a city, has a GDP of 800 billion USD; an economy roughly the size of, say, the Netherlands, or Mexico. Or to put it another way, two Taiwans, or three Irelands, or six New Zealands, or the entire Spanish-speaking part of South America.

I don’t live in London anymore, but if I did, my vote would be for Brian Paddick with a second preference vote for red Ken.