Introducing Kavorka

Kavorka is a function signatures module,
along the lines of Function::Parameters,
and MooseX::Method::Signatures.

Its features include:

  • Named, positional and slurpy parameters
  • Required and optional parameters
  • Defaults for optional parameters
  • Type constraints and value constraints
  • Type coercions
  • Return types
  • Method modifiers
  • Multi subs and multi methods
  • Lexical (private) methods
  • An introspection API that can integrate with Moose’s MOP
  • Speed

It probably has every feature you want from in a function signatures module,
unless you want minimalism.

Here’s how you might write a function with type checks on the incoming parameters and also the returned value:

   fun maxnum (Num @numbers → Num) {
      my $max = shift @numbers;
      for (@numbers) {
         $max = $_ if $max < $_;
      return $max;

Kavorka is still not especially stable, but seems to work pretty well (except in some cases defining closures over variables outside the sub).

Feedback welcome.