DOAPy Dist

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So what’s DOPE? No, not DOPE, DOAP… what’s DOAP?

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say…

DOAP (Description of a Project) is an RDF Schema and XML vocabulary to describe software projects, in particular free and open source software.

It was created and initially developed by Edd Dumbill to convey semantic information associated with open source software projects.

It is currently used in the Mozilla Foundation’s project page and in several other software repositories, notably the Python Package Index.

Yesterday, I released Dist-Zilla-Plugin-DOAP which makes it easy to include DOAP data in Dist::Zilla-based software distributions. Simply install the plugin (no heavy dependencies other than Dist::Zilla of course!), and add the following line to your dist.ini file:


There, you’re done! A small file called doap.xml will be generated at build time, and included in your released tarball.