Postman Pat: The Movie

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Went to see Postman Pat: The Movie today. While most of the action revolves around Postman Pat, his family, and various new characters introduced in the film, I was glad to see that all the old favourites were in there. I noted:

  • Mrs Goggins (but no Bonnie?!?!);
  • Alf, Dorothy & Bill Thompson;
  • Ted Glenn, who always seemed to be in the company of Amy Wrigglesworth (something going on there? I’d assumed he was a bit Daffyd Thomas);
  • Ajay, Neesha & Mira Bains;
  • Rev Timms (who seemed more overtly religious than he is in the series);
  • Dr Gilbertson, PC Selby & Lucy Selby;
  • Charlie Pringle (but not his dad, to whom something unspeakable has happened);
  • Ben, Lauren & Lizzy Taylor;
  • Michael Lam; and
  • Some of the characters from the 1980s who have been missing from our screens for many years — Major Forbes, Miss Hubbard, and (I’m fairly sure he was in the opening sequence…) George Lancaster.

Overall, a good film; not great (it was no Frozen), but good. Much better than I expected it to be.