54 Percent

BBC News has an article claiming that: The new projections suggestion that by 2050, minorities will account for 54% of the [US] population. Ummm… wouldn’t that be 100% then? Minorities set to be US majority

Charlie Brooker Quote

Charlie Brooker on creationism: Darwin’s theory of evolution was simple, beautiful, majestic and awe-inspiring. But because it contradicts the allegorical babblings of a bunch of made-up old books, it’s been under attack since day one. That’s just tough luck for Darwin. If the Bible had contained a passage that claimed gravity is caused by God … Continued

Olympics Monkey

Damon Albarn, Jamie Hewlett and the BBC have reworked 1970s TV classic Monkey for the Beijing Olympics. Awesome!

Extending hCard with RDFa

hCard is an HTML-based format for describing contacts (people, organisations, etc) on web pages. It allows you to mark up which elements represent their name, their address, their birthday and so forth. Here’s an example: Toby Inkster Birthday: 1980-06-01. While hCard offers many useful properties that can be used to describe contacts, some are considered … Continued

May Day

Today is May Day and also election day in London. Recent polls have shown alarmingly high support for Boris Johnson (or Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson to use his full name — yes, really!). Much as I enjoy Johnson’s antics on Have I Got News For You, I ask how someone who could barely be … Continued

Twenty Days

Lewes, East Sussex, 6 April 2008 Herstmonceux, East Sussex, 26 April 2008 Source Photos Here are the source photos in their full ten megapixel glory. Feel free to re-use them for non-commercial purposes, but please give me credit. Lewes castle — the castle keep in the snow Roof tops — the snow-covered roof tops of … Continued

Dr Who Goes To Pompeii

OK, so Doctor Who has gone to Pompeii and saved Caecilius and his family. Now the entire Cambridge Latin Course will need to be rewitten!

Cognition 0.1 Alpha 6

Tonight I've released another alpha version of Cognition, my semantic web parser. Changelog includes: Microformats: Add option (disabled by default) to require <head profile> for microformat support. Microformat profiles are treated as opaque strings! Supports the following profiles: http://purl.org/uF/2008/03/ http://www.w3.org/2006/03/hcard or http://purl.org/uF/hCard/1.0/ http://dannyayers.com/microformats/hcalendar-profile or http://purl.org/uF/hCalendar/1.0/ http://purl.org/uF/hAtom/0.1/ http://purl.org/uF/rel-tag/1.0/ http://purl.org/uF/rel-license/1.0/ No profiles required for rel-enclosure, adr or … Continued

Earth Hour

The Sydney Morning Herald has just (about 2 hours ago) reported that: This year, 26 cities joined Earth Hour as official partner cites, including — along with all of Australia's capitals — Atlanta, Bangkok, Chicago, Christchurch, Copenhagen, Dublin, Manila, Montreal, Odense, Ottawa, Phoenix, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Toronto. In the US, the lights were … Continued

Friday Evening: Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings

(MusicBrainz) OK, so Amazon kindly delivered my copy of Counting Crows‘ Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings this morning. I’ve made a point of not listening to any of the new songs that have been floating around the Internet, except Cowboys which Lisa sent to me ages ago. I waited until I finished work this afternoon … Continued