Vegetarianism on CBeebies

For some reason, perhaps a reluctance to deal with death, virtually all characters on CBeebies are portrayed as vegetarian, even some unlikely ones:

Doodles, the crocodile from Tilly and Friends eats mainly apples;
Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, and Shellington from Octonauts, despite being animals that would love a fishy snack (respectively: polar bear, cat, penguin, and sea […]

Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures

At the moment my son is really loving Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, which I must admit is pretty well-made (even though we all miss Kip).

The premise of the show is that Andy is now working in “the National Museum” (most of the interior shots seem to be from the Natural History Museum in London; some of […]

Mini-Beasts on “It’s Our Planet”

I learnt today on It’s Our Planet that animals without a backbone are called “mini-beasts”. And here I was calling them invertebrates!
So the 14 metre long Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni (a.k.a. the colossal squid) is a “mini-beast”. You learn something new every day.