The Great Wi-Fi Controversy

Last night, Panorama broadcast Wi-Fi: a warning signal unmasking the “controversy” over Wi-Fi health risks. This is one of those many controversies in science that are not really controversies as far as the vast majority of scientists are concerned, such as the “controversy” over whether global warming is caused by changes in solar output. Panorama […]

Meet the Head of Anaesthesia

OK… Clavin Centre for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery… click through to Meet our Doctors & Staff. Ignore the really awful web page design. Scroll down to the second doctor — the Head of Anaesthesia. Yes, he is related.


This is an odd question about the moon. Here is a picture of the earth-moon system. As you can see, there is a new moon. My question: where is the sun??? If it’s on the left, then why is the Earth dark on the left? The Moon can’t be blocking the light, because that would […]