Looking Ahead to Perl 6

One of the most important changes in Perl 6 over earlier versions is that it has started out as a written specification, which may end up with several different implementations. In previous versions of Perl, alternative versions had to implement all the quirks of the official Perl interpreter, as the definition of the Perl language … Continued

Looking Ahead to PHP 6

This is my look at what’s planned for the forthcoming revision to the PHP language. Removal of Deprecated Features PHP 6 includes a lot of tidying up, removing features of the language that have caused annoyance, confusion and security headaches. Although these changes are too numerous to list here, and the list will probably change … Continued

PHP UTF-8 Validation Library

lawrence k wrote: What PHP code would give me this kind of 100% certainty? I was bored so wrote this. I’m quite proud of myself, as I wrote it and ran it and it worked first time! 🙂 It not only checks that the UTF-8 is valid, it forces it to be valid.