PHP vs Perl

Here's a simple program which calculates, to eight decimal places, the value of the Golden Ratio φ implemented in both PHP and Perl, to demonstrate their similarities. Perl #!/usr/bin/perl $a = 1; $b = 1; $c = undef; $psi_old = undef; print “Approximating psi…\n”; while (1) { $psi = sprintf(‘%.08f’, $b/$a); last if ($psi_old eq […]

How PHP programmers get things wrong

Firstly, three disclaimers: PHP is a great programming language, one of my favourites — this website is written in PHP; there are many great PHP programmers out there, some of whom probably never get things wrong; I probably get things wrong a lot of the time. The majority of the database-backed Open Source PHP projects […]

Hurrah! A Blog for Toby!

At last, my new CMS is at a stage when I’m able to actually start publishing with it. Now that I have an easy-ish tool to publish with, you can expect that this website will be updated more frequently and with more and better content. Updating this website in the past has been a major […]

Re: Building a “modular” PHP site

Tyno Gendo wrote: I have been pondering over building a “modular” site which accepts add-ons built by other people. I was wondering if anyone has any links to any reading material on how you build this kind of facility into your site? The basic technique is this: Firstly, provide a plugin registration function, which we’ll […]

PHP UTF-8 Validation Library

lawrence k wrote: What PHP code would give me this kind of 100% certainty? I was bored so wrote this. I’m quite proud of myself, as I wrote it and ran it and it worked first time! 🙂 It not only checks that the UTF-8 is valid, it forces it to be valid.

Re: is PHP less secure than Perl, Python, or Ruby?

walterbyrd wrote: I honestly don’t know. But, I have seen articles and posts about how PHP is terribly insecure. PHP is not inherently insecure, but because it’s very easy to write PHP, it has become rather a popular language amongst people with little, if any, formal training on how to program. Because of this, there […]

PHP4 vs PHP5 [was Re: Extending the mysqli class]

Michael Fesser wrote: My scripts make use of many of the new OOP features in PHP 5, so they won’t run at all on PHP 4. Ditto. My current big pet project is This is PHP 5+ only and supports MySQL 5+ and PostgreSQL 8+. Although I do realise that earlier versions of these […]

Re: Random Map Generation wrote: My first prototype for doing this doesn’t give good results, the map being far too random, can someone help me out or point me to a good resource please? Real geography is not random. First, take a grid, say 1001×1001 is size. Now find the middle square of it and set it to […]