I spent a while the other day re-arranging the old recipes on this site and moving them into the “blog” bit rather than the “articles” bit. Hopefully they’ll now be a bit easier to find. Sorry for breaking their URLs.

New BBC Home Page

So the BBC has redesigned its home page. OK, so normally I’m against the “let’s be a portal” philosophy, but for the Beeb, I think it works. They produce such a colossal volume of content — and in areas that make sense for a portal site (news, weather, sports, listings info) — that they can … Continued

Click, click, click…

OK, so I was minding my own business, cleaning the stove and suddenly it starts making this regular clicking sound. Click, click, click, click, click… like a bomb or something. I remove the rings above the gas hobs and every time there’s a click, a little spark flies out from the igniter. So I think … Continued

Here’s my latest update to… Change Log Added a title to the output image, which can be in a different font and colour from the rest of the text. Use Getopt to parse command line, and accept more options. Improved handling of certain dodgy WMV files, mostly thanks to Matt Pinkham. Improved use of … Continued